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Your Loved one needs a bail to release from confinement?

We offer BOTH
FAST jail release at reasonably priced for bail bonds
White Settlement Legal help promptly after jail release

No other bail bond agent can offer these benefits-ONLY an lawyer

Most importantly, we CARE about YOU and Your Loved ONE’s Future!

Willing this Arrest Erased forever?

Will You permit this poor decision wreck their ambitions?

We have confidence in second chances.




The best protection is quick bail process and strong legal protection starts {today|now


Our team Mission is to protect good people who have made a blunder and were arrested.

  1. Before all, Let’s request a reputable, efficient bail agent, avoiding anyone that makes the process difficult, costly or risky.
  2. Immediately after their jail release, your beloved talks with our former judge who’ll reassure them that this will be alright, what’s needed now and how to select the very best attorney to guard them. This can’t wait! Way too many things need immediate attention. Selecting a lawyer, getting a meeting, takes too long, endangering their protection. Our solution is their finest protection.

A bondsman only is not a solution. Legal help is not available from other bondsman. A jail release agent cannot provide legal advice.  A bondsman can be prohibited, for legal reasons, to provide any legal advice on the arrest. Your beloved needs to talk to an attorney immediately and what’s smarter than a former judge?

Why Us?


In addition to being a former Judge, Gene Beaty has years of experience as a gene-r.-beaty-criminal-attorney-bail-bondsmancriminal defense attorney and mastering bail relationship systems. We make use of our proficiency to really get your loved ones out from the jail as soon as possible. Our professionals understand all of the paperwork, remedies and systems to create this work out!

Beaty Law Firm (BLF) bail bonds is managed by a skilled Texas criminal lawyer, the previous judge, who provides bail relationship services by choosing just highly ethical professional bail bondsman, so we help citizens looking for jail release because of their loved ones. The principal reason you need to employ us as your Professional NAME OF Relationship SITE Bondsman is normally that people have more than 35 years of knowledge as a lawyer. As a result, just about everyone has the required skills that you might need in order to handle any kind of bail bond problem. We dealt with thousands of customers. Through our services, you get help from a earlier judge that knows everything about the legal process and therefore he can offer you with the best method that will cause your independence. You can trust us to immediately come and assist you secure {a jail a prison} release for your loved one. We certainly are a devoted criminal legal representative and professional bondsman centered on helping your beloved leave jail as quick as possible.



Texas-Jail-Release-Bail-Bonds-Process-InformationAs fast simply because you contact our BLF Professional Bail Bonds assistance we will work hard to make sure that you acquire a high requirement of professionalism. We will help your buddy or cherished one leave jail really fast and we even offer dedicated criminal defense services. If you actually need high requirements and expert help from White Settlement Specialist Bail Bonds, then you are absolutely in where.

Competitive Prices

Although we usually do not use any low-cost bonds to our customers, we make sure that our prices are extremely competitive, so anyone can manage our top-notch bail bonds. Additionally, we usually do not charge our customers for the legal help we supply.

Professional Bondsman

Our firm believe in quality over the rest. This is the sole element that only deal with bondsmen we have actually are professionally trained to do their work wonderfully. This may assist you to remain safe from unethical bondsman and additional issues that can make it this trouble.

Post-Release Assistance

After your loved one was done or has been released from the jail, we believe that our job is not done. We supply your loved ones with all the current assistance they need to combat all of those other case, and all the treatments they need to go through for successful launch from jail.

Immediate Legal Assessment

Being managed by an attorney enables us to offer services extremely hard from Bail bond agents, who are not permitted to share legal assessment with their customers. We provide our clients comprehensive and total preliminary legal evaluation- to be able to eliminate a few of the stress and anxiety triggered by their arrest and worry of the future.


Not only are you obtaining the most effective bail bondsman, however we will provide a free of charge legal consultation that no bail bondsman can lawfully source – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! No various other Beaty Law Firm Bail Bondsman will use you such a valuable service, which explains why you must work carefully with us in order to ensure the professionalism and quality that you should have.

If you want to utilize a dedicated and expert BLF Bondsman that understands your needs and which will help you leave jail quicker then yourself remain in the proper place. We are among the best TX bail bond expert bail bondsman service and with this help, you can boost your security at all times.


First, when someone is dealing with criminal fees, having a beaty-law-firm-free-legal-adviceexpert attorney is pivotal to finding a great outcome in the case, whether that be considered a termination or a plea arrangement. The faster and lawyer can get linked to the case, the far better that representation can be. It could be the month before a case is normally filed in the court, so valuable time is lost before your loved one may hire an attorney, making the case harder to protect.

Our no cost legal discussion provides some psychological relief and valuable ideas on the best methods to continue as quickly because they are released from jail. With figuring out how they must get ready for a competent defense, time is certainly of the essence. It is necessary that your loved one confers with an expert prior to they ignore what they have observed, and other important details. Contact us and we will happily help with your questions.

What Makes Us Unique?

Trusted and trustworthy: We certainly are a partner you can trust through the entire bail procedure, offering a full series of problem-free services and choices for you or your loved one in need. We provide all our clients totally free initial bail details, reminders about court visits and versatile payment alternatives.

Hiring an lawyer to select the ideal bail bondsman to create the bail bond not only is convenient and can save cash, but it can likewise support maintain valuable rights. A knowledgeable  Lawbreaker Defense Lawyer has actually had lots of situations in which a bad option of the bondsman did harm to a Defendant because they do understand which bail bondsman are ethical and professional.

When you count on a Bail Bond expert to select the very best bondsman for your beloved, you know your loved one is making the intelligent choice to defend them.

Life just got a little more difficult, so We Help!

This situation could be handled to make the procedure simpler and better.We comprehend that It’s time to carefully turn to a Bail Bond professional who is strongly in your corner with the very best answers! We are here to answer your questions and help you through this hard time. When the continuing future of your loved one matters, you need to start an aggressive protection now. We provide a FREE consultation and a reasonable fee for a specialist criminal lawyer if indeed they wish our help to keep our representation. It really is their choice, but a short free discussion is their best protection.

We are the Beaty Law Firm bondsman assistance you are looking for and so with this aid you deal with any circumstance that pertains to BLF bail bonds and criminal defense. We’ve comprehensive experience when it concerns using professional and high basic help that may allow you to go through this hard time quickly and easily.If you want your beloved to release out of jail fast, then you need to hire an excellent Beaty Law Firm Bail Bond attorney that you can trust. Our business is offering you among the most effective bail bond solutions on industry and with our assistance you should have the capability to obtain the quality and worth that you continuously desired. We produced our business with the primary focus of assisting you have a standing opportunity when it concerns getting out of jail quick. (Reference on how bail bonds works.)

Here’s how bail works:

Courts were backed-up with cases prior to your loved one was arrested. Today, an individual is apprehended and they may have to wait, days, weeks or months to appear in court to respond to charges against them. You can obtain or your loved one out of jailin among 3 methods:

The following video has a short overview of how the bail process works


  1. Pay the whole Bail amount with cash or check. This is extremely recommended if you can afford the amount of the bail. You will get it back or can use it to fund defense charges. You most likely can utilize your debit or credit card or cash to make this work. Talk to us about how this may work for you.
  2. Discover an Expert Bail Bondsman who can be trusted utilizing our services. This is a costly way to fund the bail amount, however it is necessary when you don’t have the money. Likewise, it is convenient to have the bondsman deal with the logistics of the jail release process.

Many people prefer to obtain the service of a bondsman representative to safely and effectively get them launched from jailtill they have an appointment at the court. If you think getting a bail is very expensive, you have to reassess that, with the help of a bail bondsman you will get a reasonable charge upon your release.

When an arrest remains in place, a bondsman will assist that individual get out of jailby charging– in Texas it is normal to charge 10 percent of the whole bail quantity on bonds above $1500.

Working with a well-experienced bondsman gives you a quicker procedure of getting out of jail, because they comprehend, understand how the jail system works as well as all the documents involved in bailing. We accept check, money, or charge card, which can be uneasy to you; as some might have the choice of loans, funding and other modes of payment so as to make it easy for you to make your bail payment.

The type of bail agent that will assist pursue your bail from jail like one that is an expert with the level of professionalism and ethical duty you are worthy of. Employing our White Settlement expert will provide you 35 years of large experience in criminal law and who also understands the bail system like the back of his hands.

Call us today to assist you or your loved one get out of jail instead of squander their important time in jail.

A bail bondsman might require that the criminally implicated, or another party, put collateral forth to secure the bail bond, specifically in the case of larger bail bonds for more serious criminal activities. This security may include a home mortgage title, car title, or additional property. Collateral might be needed by a bondsman to ensure that the criminally implicated attends their court dates or that the bondsman is compensated ought to the criminally implicated not attend his/her trial or get away from court procedures.

Using White Settlement Bail Bond Professional

Bail Bonds links the criminally implicated with a regional bondsman. On top of conventional bail bond services,  bail bond expert also offer criminal defense representation.

Image result for bail bondsman

When the criminally implicated can not publish bail for him or herself– and she or he cannot have a friend, member of the family, or loved one post bail on his or her behalf– utilizing a bondsman may be the most feasible alternative. A bondsman might publish the entire expense of bail in your place. However, bail bond services do have a cost which might vary from a bondsman to another bail bondsman. Since the bail bondsman posts bail on the behalf of the implicated citizen, the bail amount is paid back to the bail bondsman after the accused citizen attends his or her court procedures.

A bondsman might require that the criminally implicated, or another celebration, put security forth to protect the bail bond, particularly when it comes to larger bail bonds for more severe criminal offenses. This collateral may consist of a home loan title, vehicle title, or additional property. Collateral may be needed by a bail bondsman to ensure that the criminally implicated attends their court dates or that the bondsman is compensated should the criminally accused not attend his or her trial or flee from court proceedings.

Is It Bail or Bond?

The terms “bail” and “bond” tend to be synonymous, but they are different. Bail is the actual quantity set by the courts in order for an offender to be launched. Bond (or bail bond) describes the service supplied by a bail bond company. They guarantee to the court the full amount of the bail in exchange for a fee– normally ten percent of the total bail amount.

If the bail is paid by the offender and she or he fulfills all the bail requirements, the quantity is reimbursed. Likewise, the cash guaranteed by the bond company is returned. Nevertheless, the cost paid by the offender is not returned.

How Is Bail Identified?

The amount of bail is figured out by the seriousness of the criminal offense which the apprehended is accused. It can range from numerous hundred dollars to seven figures, to no bail at all. Because of the variables included, unless the implicated is paying the bail bonds, it is best to speak with a lawyer dealing with a bonding service in order to secure bail quickly. Explore the process of bail bonds amount calculation on our detailed reference for White Settlement, Texas Bail System.

Setting the Bail Quantity

The regional court will figure out a dollar amount based upon the crime in question. This dollar quantity is the bail set for a person. The bail amount should be paid to the court to get that person’s release. Between the initial arrest and upcoming court dates, a person is complimentary to resume their regular lives– with some limitations. Once the accused citizen attends his/her court dates, the bail amount is paid back to the party that published bail. For more serious criminal accusations, the bail quantity will be higher than that of a small criminal accusation.

Given that more extreme criminal allegations cause higher bail quantities, it can be harder to post bail for people who have actually been implicated of these crimes. Often, a bail bondsman need to be utilized to publish bail and gain liberty for these criminally implicated individuals.

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